First date with Heaps

To check what can we reach with Heaps we tried the official samples and we tried to combine them. The result is a 3D world with wandering 3D models – of course with pathfinding. Try it now! Do you want to check the source code? Let’s download! Set up Heaps class Main...Read more


September 2017. First time we met with the Heaps engine at the conference of Haxe in Amsterdam. We have seen many other engines of HTML games before but none of them grabbed our imagination as much as Heaps did. On the way home from the Haxe summit were thinking about how...Read more

Hello world!

We will share here our process of our space ship shooter game – Havoc. Prepare yourself, we will share a lot of info about game development, about Haxe, about Heaps game engine and of course about Havoc! By the way… about us – we are 2 Haxe developers from Germany,...Read more