September 2017. First time we met with the Heaps engine at the conference of Haxe in Amsterdam. We have seen many other engines of HTML games before but none of them grabbed our imagination as much as Heaps did. On the way home from the Haxe summit were thinking about how to create a 2D or 3D game based on Heaps engine.

The questions we were facing with.

– What suppose to be the topic of the game?
– What type of game we would like to see?

We faced many questions and even more directions to start with. However one thing was sure for us. Whatever we are going to make it will based on Heaps. The first direction aimed the 3D era however we experienced some asset issues even though we tried many different 3D models. Some even didn’t load or just simply badly. Although we were disappointed at that time we didn’t give up just kept seeking for other opportunities. Finally we grabbed and older idea one of us had before and tried to figure it out how can we improve it with the help of Heaps engine? Then the idea became to be the: Havoc.

What is Havoc?

This is a browser based 2D spaceship arcade game where the focus is on the development of the player’s spaceship therefore this is the part what we would like to add the greatest emphasis for. There are still many questions about the full concept but what we have so far is promising.

What is the release plan for the game?

We would like to release the game in facebook’s game room what might slightly change in the future. The release date is unknown regarding to the current state of the game.

Is it a free game?

The game will be definitely free. However to be able to support the graphic designs, maintenances and upgrades some part of the game might be covered with micro payment transactions, but to avoid the ‘greedy’ title we want to make sure the player is able to beat the game without putting any dollar in it.

Is the game code open source?

On the first run we keep the source code only for us. However we would like to share some techniques and tricks with you guys implemented in the game later on. Besides that some part of the core as the HPP package is also free for even commercial use.

What is the current state of the game?

All beginnings are difficult. Our biggest dilemma are the assets now. Currently our team based on two programmers only therefore we are facing some graphic design issues. Right now we are trying to gather some funds to be able to pay a stunning graphic design. On the other hand we already have some working UI, gameplay and mission editor based on OpenFl too. The meantime we are brainstorming on different workarounds and trying to finalize the in game skill tree as well.

Thanks guys for the attention, we will get back to you soon.

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